Sofia Waara
Puh. +358 4652 65 374
Nude North Studios, Rovaniemi

To whom it may concern,
My educational background consist of, BA of Art Education (Sweden, Konstfack) Master of Applied Visual Arts (AVA-site-specific ecological design-productions) Finland, Ulapland.
Recently, I have done collaborations with the Norwegian based organization and event producer Karlsøyfestivalen in Troms Fylke, where I am part of the board and at the moment involved with community development in the field of culture. I write and manage smaller projects and can also lead and teach art & design educational workshops/courses/seminary/presentation.
I have conducted survey and mapping assignments, participated and led practical outdoor art and design workshops, performed preliminary structural analyses and design for a playground, and an eco-village, produced several concepts and themes for art and design events, such as RiverSounds-JoenÄäniä (environmental art& design workshop/course), Northern Festival Meetings (Barents environmental& performance artist-exchange project), Nature & Culture Trail (guided tours, environmental art, walking art & performance), Art Adventures/ Taide Sekailu (child eco-art). Also, I am active as an artist myself with exhibitions and part of a studio-artist collective situated in Rovaniemi. My language skills are good I speak Finnish, Swedish, English, Norwegian and Italian.My interests lay in arctic art& designs educational involvement with local communities in Lapland, as well as international research on sustainable design development with focus on arctic interests. These connections were also focused in my thesis.

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