Here are some of my projects/ works shortly presented.

Karlsöy Festivalen- In Troms, Noway
& NorthernFestivalMeetings project

The Oulo Street Art Project, was a great opportunity to get to paint.
good photos can be seen at:

Me and Tony cooperating

AVAUS - Applied Visual Arts and Us. 

(17.10 -1.12. 2013)

Kemi Art Museum.  My work consist of a sound/sculpture installation.

Here´s the Film me and Tony made while finding the original sounds for the installation: Fullmoon resonance, nov 2012,. See link here:

"Kulturmöte Nordkalotten"   Malmberget, Sweden.  2-4 Oktober 2013.

Small stencil workshop with environmental art walk, in cooperation with StigOlavTony. 

New Horizons Workshops in Rovaniemi

In cooperation with the X-borders biennale, I planned and led a workshop in cooperation with Tony Fredriksson.
The new horizons workshop took place in two part, and mapped out, as well as created, the works of street art and graffitti in the town of Rovaniemi. The map will be available through the local art-galleries. 


Summer 2013, PlayGround Project. Karlsöy, Norway. 

A collaboration between me and Silje Haugen, focusing on the children and youngsters in the rural municipality of Karlsöy, Troms.  The project was founded by Frifond and the practical part was a cooperation between the local community and us,  with the Karlsöyfestival.

Winter Photo- blog 2012.

The Forest is a DanceFloor, I worked on during spring and summer 2010 and 2011. In 2010 I exhibited an installation at Meänfestivaali, Pajala.

Check out the sound from 2010, Meänfestivaalin installatio. See youtube link here:



Land Art / Street Art - Group Collaboration. 2012. Norway.

Environmental art sculpture /performance

Super City Bros Grafitti Project 2010.

Norway & Poland, 
Photo-documentation and Painting.

David Braunsthal - Papa Dave -Clown / Tatto project

”a velocidade da luz”

Recycle Art. Pajala, Sweden. 2010
Youth Project.
Video: Emil Kieri :

Käsittään Ympäristö. 2009 . Rovaniemi


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